Christ in the Picture of Joseph
January 10, 2020

Christ in the Picture of Joseph

Passage: Genesis 37:3-33, Genesis 39:1-21, Genesis 40:2-23, Genesis 41:14, Genesis 41:41-55
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There are 11 "Josephs" in the Bible - 5 in the Old Testament  and 6 in the New Testament - but there is none like this one that so delights our heart.  For this one reminds us of a greater story, the story of the one of whom Joseph was just a faint picture - the person of the Lord Jesus Christ himself.  In this message, Malcolm Radcliffe links the four houses and the four garments in the life of Joseph with the pictures of Jesus in the four Gospel accounts of the New Testament.


  • Chapter 37 - Joseph in the Father's house - The house of Sonship - Wearing the Coat of Many Colors
  • Chapter 39 - Joseph in the Master's house - The house of Servitude - Wearing the steward's coat
  • Genesis 40 - Joseph in the Prison house - The house of Suffering - Wearing the drab garment of the prisoner
  • Genesis 41 - Joseph in the house of exaltation - The house of Supremacy - Wearing the vestures of fine linen

Preached on September 25, 2011.