Repentance means to change one's mind entirely. Listen as Dr. Higgins discusses the different contexts of repentance from the Word of God
Session #5 - Discipleship: "Playing Follow the Leader, But It's No Game!" (Living Our Faith Compassionately)
Session #4 - Headship: "Lift Up Your Head" (Displaying Our Head Congregationally)

Using Our Money Sensibly

March 18, 2017
Session #3 - Stewardship Part 3: "Money Isn't Everything, But it Sure Helps" (Using Our Money Sensibly)
Session #2 - Stewardship Part 2: "What's a Body to Do...or Not Do?" (Using Our Bodies Appropriately)
Session #1 - Stewardship Part 1: "It's About Time...It Always Is" (Managing Our Time Effectively)

What is Your Life?

January 13, 2013