Although there are many other examples in Scripture of those who knew social distancing and isolation, the final individual to merit our attention is the Apostle John. Like some who are reading this (not all, of course), he was an aged person. He was on Patmos, a rock strew island off the coast of modern-day… Continue reading Isolation


With the aid of only a little imagination, you can quickly think of a number of Bible characters who knew something of isolation, real “social distancing,” in their experiences. Isolation, loneliness, monotony, and boredom likely crept into all their hearts. And they had no internet, twitter, Instagram, or face time. The only thing they knew… Continue reading Quarantine

God and His Monopoly

Talk about a strange set of circumstances! Jeremiah is in prison. The enemy, the Chaldeans, are invading the land and have already captured Jeremiah’s hometown. Then God tells him that his cousin is going to come and ask him to redeem, buy, his field in Jeremiah’s hometown. The land had already been lost to the… Continue reading God and His Monopoly

God and Monopoly

Refocusing and Reframing – Part 4 When you hear “monopoly” you probably think of a board game (people actually played these before video games were invented). If you have taken business courses in University, you think about large businesses, those big bad companies who tried to lower quality and raise prices out of greed. In… Continue reading God and Monopoly

Costly Worship

John 12:1-8 How much does it cost to worship the Savior? I am not talking about a monetary cost, but a cost in time or energy. Worship, true worship, is the desire of every believer. To lift up the Savior in word and deed – to speak well of Him in our daily conversation – is our… Continue reading Costly Worship

Refocusing and Reframing – Part 3

Paul’s love for the believers in Thessalonica was such that he viewed them as his hope, joy, and crown of rejoicing (1 Thess 2:19). These three expressions reveal not only what the believers meant to Paul, but also his entire mindset about his service for the Lord. We think of serving the Lord and receiving… Continue reading Refocusing and Reframing – Part 3

Refocusing and Reframing – Part 2

“Be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding” 1 Cor 15:58 If you just change “abounding” to “stay positive,” it would almost sound as though Paul is very up to date: he tells us to stay home, stay inside, and yet remain positive. We have all become good “soldiers” obeying orders and doing it as those who… Continue reading Refocusing and Reframing – Part 2