I Saw – Proverbs 24

“Then I saw, and considered it well. I looked upon it and received instruction” (Prov 24:32). If we had eyes to see, the most commonplace and mundane, the most ordinary and repetitive would all serve as windows into spiritual realities. Elizabeth Barrett Browning penned long age, “Earth’s crammed with heaven, and every common bush afire… Continue reading I Saw – Proverbs 24

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I Saw – Asaph’s Vision

The human eye with the faculty of vision is an incredible gift, defying evolutionary explanations and enabling humanity to experience the beauty and wonder of creation. It makes possible the observation and the learning which results from it. It opens vistas of imagination provided by the thrill of reading. The blessings of vision are so… Continue reading I Saw – Asaph’s Vision

I Saw

John the Apostle was a masterful writer. He employs a vocabulary suitable for an elementary school child, but a depth of thought to challenge any intellect. He presents truth in the simplest of terms but with the deepest of meanings. He paints pictures by using hours of the day, times of the day, weather conditions,… Continue reading I Saw

Hymns and their History

It might be good to refocus our attention from all that is around us and to consider some hymns which we cherish and appreciate. The name of Cecil Frances Alexander is hardly one that trips off your tongue every day. She was born in the Republic of Ireland and later lived in Londonderry. She was… Continue reading Hymns and their History