Hebrews 13

The final chapter of Hebrews has many practical truths that confront us. We are seen in many different lights. As believers, we are to be supportive (vv 1, 2), sympathetic (v 3) sanctified (v 4), satisfied (vv 5-7), steadfast (vv 9-10) and at least four or five more “s” words which you can work out.

What I want to really bring before you are several which relate to the Lord Jesus Christ.

He is the Same (verse 8)

He does not change. As the eternal “I am,” He never “grows” or develops in His character. He never increases in His knowledge. But above all, He never vacillates in His love. The writer of Hebrews was writing to a people who were being persecuted. The thought might invade their minds that perhaps the Lord had forgotten them and was not with them in their trial. To drive any such thinking away, he reminds them that He will never forsake them (v 5) and that He never changes (v 8).

He is the Sacrifice and the Sanctifier (verse 12)

As the Sacrifice He has made us perfectly right in the sight of God. As the Sanctifier, He has placed us in a unique position of acceptance and favor with God. We have been set apart as God’s special treasure. As the sacrifice, He has dealt with the problem and penalty of our sins. As the sanctifier, He has assured our position before God.

He is the Shepherd (verse 20)

He is not only the Shepherd, but he is the Great Shepherd. In the context, there is probably a contrast intended with Moses (Isa 63:11). But we can also enjoy that He is the Good Shepherd Who gave His life for the sheep (John 10). He is the Chief Shepherd Who is going to come again (1 Pet 5). And He is the Great Shepherd Who is also our sympathetic High Priest above.

The great purpose of our lives ought to be occupation with the Lord Jesus and the worship that it causes to arise to our Father in heaven for the amazing grace that has saved and linked us with Him in all the sufficiency of His Person.

He is your Shepherd. Why not ask Him, as you open your Bible, to lead you into green pastures and to enable you to lie down by waters of rest and calm amidst the panic all around us?

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