He Was a Man of Sorrows

His sorrows arose for many reasons.

He was a perfectly holy Man in a sinful world. Everywhere He looked He saw the fruit of sin.

He alone could measure the full tragedy as He could look past the forced smiles and steeled faces of men and see the sorrows overwhelming hearts.

He alone never become accustomed to sin as we do; He was never hardened or indifferent.

He alone saw what men were missing by not knowing HIs Father; that grieved His heart.

He alone knew all that God was being deprived of – the love, devotion, and worship of men.

He alone could measure the long history of tears which have drenched this globe.

He alone knew the ultimate end of those whom He moved amongst, the dreadful eternity.All this caused Him sorrow.

And then the cross: “My soul is exceeding sorrowful, even unto death.”

And perhaps among the greatest sorrow was the fact that He had no one on earth with whom to share His sorrow.

No one understood; no one offered compassion or sympathy.

He bore it all alone

Sorrows abounding.
Beyond human sounding,
Darkness surrounding
Low He prayed and wept
Deep were they sleeping
Who watch should have kept
While He with weeping
prayed while they slept

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