Enlarged Steps

David could write and extol how God protected and cared for him. In one of best-known verses from the Psalms, he speaks of “As for God His way is perfect … and maketh my way perfect” (Ps 18:30, 32). He relates the ways of God with him. He attributes all the blessings he had to God’s gentleness. He spoke of God being his rock, shield, and buckler. He could face everything that life and his foes threw at him with God as his companion.

As he thought of his pathway, he spoke of how God “enlarged my steps under me” (v 36). The imagery may sound a bit foreign to us, but it would not have been to an Israelite back in David’s day. The idea is that God gave David a sure footing when the way was dangerous. It may have been meant literally as David had to negotiate the hills and cliffs of the wilderness. Some of the mountain pathways were likely narrow and treacherous. But it was definitely meant that God assured him safety in his pathway.

We have never had to tread the path we are currently on. Who would have thought that a time would come when, without the help of dementia, you could not remember what day of the week it was? Without the normal routine of certain things on certain days of the week, it seems as though every day is the same. New words have entered our vocabulary such as “social distancing” and “flattening the curve.”

We are all wired to have goals and a sense of accomplishment and yet we sit in our homes waiting for when things will change and we can return to “normal” life, whatever that will be after COVID-19.

But we can be assured of “enlarged steps” both now and then. God is dealing with us in His “gentleness” and goodness. His way is still perfect for each one of us; and if we are given grace to bow to His way, then He will make your way and mine perfect. It does not mean He will make it pleasant, just perfect, something which accomplishes His will in your life and mine.

So, your shoe size is not going to grow. You will not have an excuse for going out and buying an entire new array of shoes (plus you better not leave your house!). But you do have His promise that He will make sure your feet are secure in the pathway He has mapped out for you. Even though it is a road we have never walked before and for which there are no available maps, as we are finding out, He will make your steps enlarged under you.

So even though you have to check the calendar to see what day it is, carry a tape measure with you when you go food shopping so as to keep six feet away from everyone (just try it in the aisles of your supermarket), and try and breathe through your face mask, at least your feet will be secure on the pathway.

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