About Us

Who We Are:

  • Christians from all walks of life
  • We meet together as a New Testament church
  • We seek to carry out the teaching of the New Testament
  • We do not take any denominational name but meet simply as Christians who gather to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 18:20)

What We Preach and Teach:

  • The inspiration of the Bible, the Word of God
  • Man’s ruin and need of a Savior
  • Heaven and Hell as the eternal destiny of all mankind
  • Salvation through the blood of Christ (Col 1:14)
  • The imminent return of the Lord Jesus for His own
  • The future program which God has for the earth
  • The importance of Christian character as seen in the fruit of the Spirit in individual lives: love, joy, peace
  • The importance of gathering as a local assembly

What You Will See if You Visit:

  • You will see New Testament simplicity carried out
  • The Headship of Christ owned
  • The priesthood of all believers practiced
  • A plurality of elders
  • Prominence to the Word of God
  • A weekly remembrance of the Lord Jesus in the Breaking of Bread
  • Clear Gospel preaching
  • A personal interest in you and your family
  • Age appropriate Sunday School Classes for your children

You Are Invited!