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The words of Christ are so vitally important.
Does the Bible have any bearing, relevance, or importance in our life today?  After all, it is thousands of years old.
What do Christians mean when they say the Bible is "inspired"? in one of the Bible’s all-important "3:16" verses, the word “inspiration” is found (2 Timothy 3:16): “All scripture is…
Does the God of All Creation care about you personally?  Is He aware?  This message explores the depths of God's wondrous love for each and every one of us expressed…
Conditions in the world lead people to ask some very trenchant questions: If God is so good, why is the world He made so bad? If God is so powerful,…
Is God there? To what conclusion does the available evidence point? What are the implications of the existence or non-existence of God?

A description of the Judgment Seat of Christ.
Identifying some of the key characteristics in a local assembly

How to Change a Church

September 13, 2015
A look at how to positively impact a local assembly.

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